Innersonar takes you to Space.
Innersonar is one to watch… Very reminiscent of Amon Tobin, Greece-based duo brings some mind-bending ambient electronica.
Media Pushers, Jan 2012
InnerSonar participate with the track "The Quest" in a four-part compilation of drone ambient music thematically inspired by the universal elements: AIR, EARTH, WATER, FIRE."
September 2012, Compilation

Greece based musical duo Innersonar are Kostas Loukovikas (bass, synthesizers, percussion and programming) and Evan Karageorgos (guitars, synthesizers and piano). Having met back in 2008 during Kostas' live performances and djsets with his Consciousness Federation project, they formed Innersonar and started composing and recording their debut album in June 2010. Recordings lasted for nearly one and a half year and several other musicians were invited to participate as well, on a variety of instruments ranging from oriental percussion and vocals to guitar, and from cello to hang drum.

Innersonar love jamming, composing and recording their music virtually at the same time, aiming to minimize the time lapse between inspiration and production. Albeit hard to categorize it, their music melds a variety of musical styles, from ambient to electronica and from rock to classical, to ethnic, with the ultimate goal of creating thoughts, images and dreams.

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